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Goch-Gennep, Germany, 9th February 1945. The Sturmgeschutz III of Leutnant Heinz Deutsch, Stug-Brigade XII, and paratroops of 7th Fallschirmjager Division counterattacking the Allied advance into the Reichswald forest in the final months of the war. The small Stug brigade numbering at its peak only 30 assault guns was responsible for the destruction of 250 allied tanks, Deutsch's gun claiming 44 of that total.
Floridsdorf, Vienna, 3th April 1945. By mid April the Soviet assault had almost cleared German resistance from the south bank of the Danube. Only one small bridgehead remained open to allow troops a chance to escape, and this exit was defended by only 2 tanks and a few anti-tank guns. Defending the eastern approaches to the bridge was the Panther tank of SS Obersturmfurher Arnold Friesen, 2nd SS Panzer Division. Despite being only 19 he was a veteran of Kursk, Normandy, the Ardennes and Hungary with a tally of 97 tank kills to his credit. By the end of the day Friesen and his crew accounted for a further 14, (the last two with panzerfausts), before covering the final withdrawal of the last German units across the bridge under cover of darkness.
Singling, Alsace, 20th August 1944. Following the fall of Metz to Patton's 3rd Army, the Allied offensive continued to push deeper into the Saar region. The fight for the small hamlet of Singling was merely one of numerous actions, but in the words of General Fritz Bayerlin commander of the crack German Panzer Lehr Division who witnessed the battle by the US 4th Armoured Division, it was 'the perfect tank attack'. Commander of the task force bearing the brunt of the action Col. Creighton W. Abrams and his men demonstrated the tactical skill and flexibility which, in five months, had made it one of the most formidable forces on the battlefield.
Orville, Normandy, 20th August 1944. Within days of the death of his friend and commander Obfw. Fendesack, Feldwebel Kurt Knipsel climbed into the last remaining Tiger II of 1st Company 503rd Heavy Tank Battalion as a tank commander. While leading the unit's retreat to the Seine he more than once saved it by knocking out allied tanks at extreme visual range. On the 28th the column reached Pontiose, and safety.
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One of Europe's Leading Military and Aviation Artists, David Pentland has produced a wealth of Paintings for Cranston Fine arts, who are proud to have David as one of their leading Artists. As you browse down his wonderful work you may be interested to know that many of the Paintings are still available, and to a collector his work would certainly be a valuable addition. David's Paintings have gone up in value over the past 2 years, and have seen a growth in value of nearly 100%. If you would like to purchase a painting or any of the prints please go to secure purchase link on this site.

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